As the name suggests, cremation urns are containers that are meant to hold the cremated remains of a deceased. Purchasing a cremation urn is not mandatory as the ashes can be collected in temporary containers that we provide at our crematory. Nevertheless, it is suggested you provide an urn and store the cremation ashes when planning to place the remains in a niche within a columbarium or ground burial. Those who prefer to keep the ashes (or a mere portion of the ashes after scattering) at home can buy a meaningful and aesthetic cremation urn to be displayed on a mantle or shelf for the memorialization of a loved one. If you are going to use a container not provided by the funeral home, it is suggested to consult our staff to help you determine the size of the urn you need.

We offer a wide choice of cremation urns from traditional to contemporary styles and constructed of a broad variety of materials - glass, metal, bronze, wood, cultured marble, biodegradable, Cloisonné, brass and porcelain.

Many urns can be enhanced with personalization including engraving and meaningful symbols reflecting the life of a loved one.