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Memorial for Barbara Burgess

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Barbara Lois Burgess, age 81 of Rogers, passed away September 24, 2020. She was born March 6th, 1939, to James Elmer Hoggatt and Edith George, the fourth of five children they would have. Living in Willow Springs, Missouri, the family had a modest farm, with chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and horses. Mom always loved riding horses and often took her siblings, cousins and later her young sons for a ride. About 1957, near the end of High School, Barbara met Lloyd Burgess, Jr. and after a courtship they were married and lived in West Plains, Missouri. In May, 1958 the couple had their first child, a boy named Stephen Lee Burgess. He was followed in February of 1962 by a second boy, Kevin Dale Burgess before the family moved to Harrison, Arkansas. In Harrison, Lloyd worked for the Arkansas Highway Department and Barbara served as Secretary to the Boone County Prosecuting Attorney. In January, 1970 a third son, Michael Warren Burgess was born to the couple. Barbara was always lovingly involved in all three of her sons education, well being and emotional health. About 1980, Lloyd & Barbara moved to Lowell, Arkansas where Lloyd continued to work for the Highway Department, while Barbara got a job working in HR for Scott Paper Company. Moving to Rogers, Arkansas a few years later, Barbara once again got a job working with the law, becoming Court Coordinator for the Juvenile Judge of Benton County, Arkansas where she worked for almost 20 years. Barbara was always interested in writing and had three crime detective novels published from 2010 to 2012, which were modest successes. She also enjoyed the pianist, Floyd Cramer and his recordings. Always concerned with her children, Barbara was no different in her last days. When her own health was deteriorating and she had to go to the hospital with pneumonia, she was still think of her kids, calling Stephen to console him over the loss of his old dog. She will be missed by all who knew her.