Benton County Memorial Park built the fourth crematory in Arkansas in 1972. During the construction phase of the new funeral home, the old equipment was replaced. The two new retorts each weigh in at a hefty 12 tons and were chosen for their extreme safety to our employees and the protection of the environment.

Just because someone is interested in cremation does not mean that the family cannot have a viewing and funeral service. All of the customs and ceremonies associated with a traditional funeral can still be performed prior to the cremation taking place. For those occasions, we offer economical cremation and rental caskets. The choice of cremation for final disposition in no way eliminates the importance of celebrating the life lived. A memorial service can be elaborate or simple, and it can be traditional or non-traditional. Today, arrangements are as individual as the person for whom they are made. A ceremony may be personalized to reflect the life of the deceased and have special meaning for those present. See More